BLOKK is an artist-run studio and exhibition space in Bergen.
Here, 15 artists with different backgrounds, skills and fields of interests goes to work every
day .
What happens if we divide these artists into groups of threes, in more or less random
constellations, and makes them create group shows together?
We don’t know, but we intend to find out.
On Friday, september 27th, we kick off an exhibition relay at BLOKK,
and every weekend during the following month we will present a new exhibition.
The opening hours will always be Friday 20.00 to 23.00 and Saturday 13.00 to 18.00.

Participating artists:

Hans Christian van Nijkerk
Mattias Arvastson
Håkon Holm-Olsen
Cato Løland
Solveig Bergene
Vegard Vindenes
Helene Norseth
Live Haug Hilton
Vanessa Gong
Elin Brissman
Liv Slinning Degn
Klara Sofie Ludvigsen
Cecilia Jonsson
Corrina Thornton
Linda Soh Trengereid

BLOKK Presenterer : Nadine Byrne, Stories As An Opposite To Despair

In Stories As An Opposite To Despair, a solo-exhibition by Swedish artist Nadine Byrne, mythology is broken down to its bare essentials: stories that function as an aid to understanding the incomprehensible and sometimes painful. Trough textile and ceramic sculptures, Byrne showcase an abstract and subtile narrative that is based on personal experiences transformed into mythology.

Nadine Byrne, born 1985 in Stockholm, is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice investigates hidden domains of the human psyche, ritual, and the esthetics of faith. She utilizes this trough film, objects, drawings, sound and textile-works. She is a member of the critically acclaimed duo Ectoplasm Girls (with sister Tanya Byrne). She has exhibited and performed in places like Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Bilbao and Brussels.

Opening hours:
Vernissage Friday September 6th 20:00

Sat-Sun: 13:00-10:00
Thurs: 13.00-18.00
Fri: 13:00-20:00
Sat-Sun: 13:00-18:00